Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Site to house, and House to site, photo's of building site.

These photo's show the proximity fromour home to the building site and reverse. This area once had tall skinny red pines, and you can see the pines left at the left, on the north side. Living next to these tall pines was like lving next to a tall building, blocking out the morning sun, and light tot he back garden, which did not get any sun until 10 or 11:30 in the morning. These red pines had been planted all over Vermont. We actually met the folks who planted them once, when they stopped by here while in the area. They chuckled remembering their mistake in thinking that the trees were balsam holiday trees. These trees were supposed to be thinned as they grew so that only the strongest trees remained, but they were not thined and so they stand a bit thin and scrabby. Our yard seemd so much more open after cutting them three years ago. The wood went off to a paper mill and we started getting flowers on the eastern side of the property. We could also now see the varied typography to the land, past the brook and up the hill from our home.

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